Mitchell ~ Lead Vocals ~ Bass Guitar

My musical journey began, according to my parents, earlier than I can remember. As a toddler, regardless of what mischief I was engaged in at the moment, my full attention would immediately rush to the music my parents would queue up on the living room stereo. My two older brothers, having slightly more disciplined attention buffers, began playing drums (Jon) and guitar (James), at the ages of eight years (twins). Not being the one willing to be left behind, I took up the bass guitar shortly thereafter. It wasn’t long after that our parents convinced us that if we were to take our own music seriously, we should begin singing; the first offering of a wealth of advice to be rationed over many years, which looking back, and even now, we are so thankful to have taken. Although there are far too many stories, some funny, some not so funny, which chronicle my childhood, it only seems fitting to share at least one. My mother recalls the afternoon I came home from my first day of the first grade at Junction City Elementary school. The story I couldn’t wait to tell was that I had a crush on a little girl in my class and that I had kissed her already. Mom, concerned that her six year old might be moving a bit too quickly, asked me, “Uh, Mitchell, where did you kiss her?”. I replied, “In every room I could catch her!”

As an artist, I can be sectioned out, and not necessarily in this order, as a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. My influences would require more space and reading than I wish to subject you to, so I’ll stay close to the top of each list. Of all the great musicians I’ve had the privilege of watching and learning from, those who have had the most powerful impact are my two brothers, James and Jon Fletcher. When it comes to talent, skill, and precision, I always find myself settling back in to being satisfied, that they are as good as it gets. As a singer, which is what I enjoy the most in terms of my contribution to our group, I tip my hat to Waylon Jennings, Gene Watson, Randy Travis, George Strait, and the late greats, Vern Gosdin, Johnny Paycheck, and Keith Whitley. To the genius of Kristofferson, Hank Cochran, Willie Nelson, Steve Earl, Neil Young and a few others, I credit my ongoing quest to become a great songwriter. My brothers and I consider ourselves a vocal group first, and always give credit to, and thank, The Gatlins,for setting a higher than the stars bar in the world of harmony singing.

What about me away from my music? I was washed in the blood of Christ at the age of thirteen, and to Him, I owe all the good in my life, and seek shelter under, from all the bad. I’m a father of two beautiful girls who make me smile every day. I take physical fitness seriously, but only for a few months at a time… Hahaha! I’m a connoisseur of great food and although, compared to some, I’m only slightly better than average at it, I love to cook. If I have to drive anything other than a truck, I’ll walk. My favorite movie is “Smoky And The Bandit”(not the sequels), which I’ve probably watched more than 20 times. Unless I’m in the gym, I wear boots. My favorite book is The Dream Giver. I loathe reality television. If I had to pick one song to listen to over and over for the rest of my life, it would be “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by S & G. I love cereal late at night. My favorite drink is Crown Royal on ice. I don’t believe in favorite colors. I prefer silver over gold. I must have fan noise when I sleep and I have very specific requirements of the type and comfort of my pillow. Most of all, I think of and miss my late Grandparents, Francis and Clifford Watson, and Carrie and JC Fletcher, much more than I realized I would, when they were still here. Don’t just love the ones you love while they’re near. Love them like you always will when they’re no longer here.

In closing, I’ll quote a virtuoso of the spirit of human understanding. "Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition." A. Lincoln.

If you took the time to read this, it was for a reason. Regardless of that reason, thank you for making me a part of your day. I look forward to seeing you “out there”

In harmony,